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This country, situated between the Northern Sea and Alps, has an average size, however each of its 10 000 towns has bright individuality and manifest distinction. Cultural life is in its full swing there: musical events, museum exhibitions, historical landmarks, famous touristic places of interest and so on. Along with that it has 38 places from the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Here on this web-site you can find more detailed information about the most attended and famous cities of Germany and their places of interest.

History. During its historical life Germany experienced stormy times: it was torn in internecine quarreling, wars and conflicts with neighbors; it changed its boarders many times, had many ups and downs. But each period was interesting as it was a new stage in development of the country, in which it became itself - successful, prosperous and safe.

Until XIX century history of Germany is more a history of separate dukedoms on its current territory. It wasnít a centrally-controlled country with a capital, but many large and small dukedoms and princedoms with their own rulers. And this is the main and essential difference comparing to other European countries.

Modern Germany as a consolidated country was formed as a result of uniting DDR and BD in 1990. It happened due to democratic changes in the USSR. Since then it developed rapidly and got one of the highest level of economy and culture in the world.

Germany nowadays. The country is situated almost in the middle of Europe and it is the only one that has boarders with 9 countries. Its population is more than 81 million people with territory of 357021 square kilometers. Territory of Germany is divided into 16 Lands - Bundeslander in German. Each of them has own emblem, history, cultural aspects and a special dialect. Each Land is worth to be visited, having unique touristic spots, rich in traditions, distinctive character, arts and spirit of history.

Germany presents winter resorts, spa-complexes, middle-aged castles, unique museums, big cities with busy colorful life and many other different and interesting things. Choose the time of the year for your trip, reasoning on your main purposes. Alpine resorts are waiting for visitors all year long. Baltic side of the country is much better to visit in July and August. As for old and ancient towns - they are beautiful in any season, but the best time is considered to be from March till November. And of course the most romantic moments are waiting for you in Germany on Christmas time.

Food. German cuisine is very multifarious, as each Land has own specialties and peculiarities in cooking dishes. The most popular dishes among tourists are pork knuckle with sour rout, different kinds of sausages. And of course all this goes wonderfully with a famous German beer!

Tips. It is recommended to tip in Germany. In restaurants and cafes it would be about 10% of the main sum. Also you may leave a small tip in toilets of cafes, trade centers, and other public places. It is not a must, but a way of thanking for a good service. Near the entrance of WC one can see a tip box full of 20, 50 cents or 1 Euros. You donít have to tip a taxi driver.

Traveling. National Committee of Tourism (DZT) has developed more than 200 official tourist routs in all Lands of Germany - Alpine Road with famous touristic attractions, ancient castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, Romantic Road in Bavaria that has unique middle-aged towns Rothenburgob der Tauber, Dinkelsbuhl, high-mountain Fussen and beautiful Wurzburg.

Apart from usual touristic routs bicycle touring is very popular and widespread in Germany. There are 75 thousand kilometers of marked bicycle tracks in the country. They go separate from main traffic roads, so it is safe and comfortable to follow them.

Germany is also a country of fests and holidays and event tourism is well developed here - festivals of beer, harvest, fireworks, knight tournaments and many other joyful holidays. So donít lose your chance to explore inner life of this beautiful country!

Rent a car. Roads are equally perfect all over the country - you just want drive further and further without any breaks. If you decide to rent a car - it is a good opportunity to visit more cities and to explore beautiful and pure nature of Germany in the same time. Having an international driving license you can rent a car in any corner of the country. If you travel in winter period, pay attention to tires. According to Germany law it is not necessarily to change type of tires in winter. But we all know that itís better to drive save, so check if the rented car has winter snow tires.

Accommodation. There is a wide range of places to stay in German cities, villages and nature resorts. You can chose from wide range of hotels, modern hostels, and cozy guest-houses. All depends on your finances and habits. But wherever you go, you would be pleasantly surprised with a good service, polite and attentive staff.

Situated in the middle of Europe, Germany is a developed and florescent country with a perfect infrastructure, a splendid climate, numerous resorts, historical landmarks and many other fascinating places of interest. It attracts tourists from all countries and continents. So get your tickets and go ahead - to see a third country in the list of the most frequented.

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