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Munich, a capital of Federal Land Bavaria with population of 1 million 400 people, is situated on Isar River at the bottom of Alps. It is a big industrial and research center. Here are located main offices of such famous companies as AGAFA, BMW and Siemens.

This city is popular among tourists as it is a place with lots of interesting sights: cultural and architecture landmarks. Many of them are located on the central square Marienplatz. The name of the square was given it in the honor of Virgin Maria, whose triumphal column was built up by Maximilian I in XVII century in commemoration of the end of Swedish invasion at the time of Thirty Years’ War. Among other tourist attractions one can find two Town Halls on the square. The Old one - reconstructed after the end of the 2nd World War and the New Town Hall built in gothic revival style in 1867-1909. The tower of Old Town Hall is occupied with another tourist attraction - Ivan Steiger Toy Museum. Old models of toy-railway, puppet and doll collection, including Barbie with her history, toy-houses with furniture and dishware, soft toys and many others are on display there.

There are hundreds of museums in Munich and some of them were created centuries ago. The most remarkable one is probably the Old Pinakothek with exhibition of thousands of pictures, painted by 1400 artists. New Pinakothek consists of twenty-two rooms and ten cabinets with about 30 sculptures and 550 pictures. If you are lover of antic arts then choose an oldest Glyptothek of Munich. Among the most popular museums of Bavarian capital one should be also mentioned - German Museum. It is dedicated to technics and natural science.

To the North-East of Marienplatz lies Old Court (Alter Hof) - it is the first residence of Munich Kings - Wittelsbachs. After exploring all five wings of reconstructed imperial residence you can reach Platzl Square and find the most famous beer house Hofbrauchhaus. It was founded in 1589 and has enough space for three and a half thousand people! But for a great festival of beer Oktoberfest such a huge crowd is absolutely normal.

The oldest brewery is another touristic place of interest in Munich - it is even older than Maria’s column on Marienplatz! As you already guessed - it is impossible not to drink or at least taste some beer in Bavaria’s capital. Almost each restaurant here has its own brewery.

Apart from museums and beer there are still many things to see in Munich. The greatest architectural landmark of the city is Nymphenburg Palace - a former summer residence of Wittelsbach dynasty. Another place of interest is English park - it is one of the biggest city parks in the world - its length is about five and a half kilometers.

Nature lovers can go to Botanical Garden and to Hellabrunn Zoo. Founded in 1911 this zoo was built like a park (36 ha), where animals live in environment close to their natural. Its territory is divided into 15 zones: African, American, European, Asian, Polar, colonies of monkeys, lions, bats and so on. Some of animals can be fed and special food is sold just nearby. If you travel with kids - that would be the best children attraction of Munich.

Paying attention to ancient times and their bystanders we shouldn’t forget of the recent past. In 1972 Munich was an Olympic Games City. Due to Olympics they built and settled subway lines and city train lines. Olympic Park was another creation dedicated to that great event, along with an expensive huge and well-developed Allianz Arena Stadium.

Many tourists find Munich the most suitable place for living among all other European Cities. Maybe visit to this wonderful German city would become a great adventure for you!

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Places to visit in Munich

  • Allianz Arena
  • Alte Munze
  • Alter Hof
  • Amalienburg
  • Angel of Peace
  • Asam Church
  • Badenburg
  • Bavaria Statue
  • Bavarian National Museum
  • Bavarian State Library
  • Blutenburg Castle
  • Botanischer Garten
  • Carmelite Church of St. Nicholas
  • Castle Suresnes
  • Catholic Church St John Baptist
  • Chapel of St. Leonhard
  • Church of St. John
  • Church of St. Luke
  • Citizens Hall
  • Dallmayr Delicatessen
  • Diana Pavillon
  • English Garden
  • Field Marshals Hall
  • Former beer hall Sterneckerbrau
  • Former Customs Office
  • Former Virginia Depot
  • Frauenkirche
  • Furstenried Palace
  • Gatterburg Castle
  • German Museum
  • Glyptothek
  • Gothic Hall Church
  • Government of Upper Bavaria
  • Haidhausen Museum
  • Hall of Fame
  • Hellabrunn Zoo
  • Historicum
  • Hofbrauhaus Brewery
  • Holy Cross Church
  • House of Art
  • Hunting and Fishing Museum
  • Karlstor
  • King Maximilian I Joseph
  • Lenbachhaus
  • Magdalenenklause
  • Marienplatz
  • Mary's Column
  • Maxmonument
  • Monopteros
  • Monument of Elector Maximilian I
  • Munich City Archives
  • Munich Residence
  • New Margaret Church
  • New Pinakothek
  • New Town Hall
  • Nymphenburg Palace
  • Obelisk to the Bavarians
  • Old Haidhauser Church
  • Old Pinakothek
  • Old Town Hall
  • Olympiapark
  • Palais Arco-Zinneberg
  • Palais Gise
  • Palais Holnstein
  • Palais Ludwig Ferdinand
  • Palais Moy
  • Palais Porcia
  • Palais Toerring-Jettenbach
  • Parish Church of St. Maximilian
  • Parish Church of St. Michael
  • Perlacher Forst
  • Pfistermuhle
  • Platzl Square
  • Prinz-Carl-Palais
  • Propylaea
  • Ruffini House
  • Rumford House
  • Sendling Gate
  • Site of the 1972 Munich Massacre
  • St. Anna Damenstiftskirche
  • St. Francis Church
  • St. Louis Church
  • St. Michael's Church
  • St. Nikolaus Church
  • St. Paul's Church
  • St. Peter's Church
  • St. Rupert Church
  • St. Salvator Church
  • State Ministry of Justice
  • Theatine Church
  • Toy Museum
  • Transport Museum
  • Ublacker-Hausl
  • Victory Gate
  • Votivkapelle Patrona Bavariae
  • War Memorial

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