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This land has great variety of tourist destinations: numerous ancient castles, deep and strong traditions, and the most grandeval monarchy in the world. From touristic point of view England is a part of Great Britain – a huge island that together with various small islands creates an odd shaped archipelago and a powerful country. Going through England you would find here most of British cultural heritage. It will just suffice to mention London – pearl of English culture, full of touristic spots, architectural landmarks, theatres, night clubs, restaurants, art galleries, museums and many other places you would be happy to find there. Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool – is far not a full list of places worth to be visited in England. Another brightest attraction to mention is Stonehenge – the most mysterious landmark of the UK.


History of England is a constant chain of usurpations and liberations, valiant victories, assertion of own lands, development of culture and attempts to force it all over the world. Lands of present England were populated by Celtic tribes. They called themselves Brits. But then after invasion of Julius Cesar this territory got the name – Rome Britain. After Roman Empire collapsed Brits asked German barbarians for help, to protect their land from Picts and Scotts. Reminding of those uneasy for the country times lots of artifacts are kept in English museums. Usually historians agree to keep account of English kings from William the Conqueror that had been crowned in 1066 – he was the first in the long chain of English monarchs.

England nowadays

England is situated to the South-West of the island called Great Britain and forms a part of the United Kingdom, being its administrative, historical and cultural center. It is the most populated and developed part of the country: there live more than 80% of all country’s residents. Nowadays the first representative of the country and head of state of the UK is her majesty queen Elizabeth II. According to law she could disband the lower chamber of parliament and put a veto on any bill, but practically the queen plays a representative role without making any important political decisions.


For English cuisine is traditional to cook dry i.e. with no sauce. Vegetables and meat are prepared with very little thermal conditioning, which preserves all useful vitamins and minerals and gives the food very natural taste. That’s where medium-rare beefsteak, rump steak and roast beef come from. And don’t forget of English cheddar, classical porridge and a famous tea with milk (it’s when the tea is added to milk and not the reverse).

There are several types of places where one can have a snack in England. «Sandwich cafe» - here you would be offered a breakfast consisted of toasts, fried egg, charcuterie, tea or coffee. «Pub» - is the best place for a party with friends. Here one can find anything – beer, cocktails, sandwiches or even a full three-course meal with a dessert. «Chippies» - here you can find fish and potatoes, sausages and chicken grill. «Bras-series» - is the best place for a business meeting.


Hotels: usually service charge in the amount of 10-12% is included to the price, but tips for chambermaids would be asset as well as for a porter (50-75 cents for a piece of luggage). Restaurants: very often tips are included to the bill, but if not – just leave 10-15% of the main sum. Sometimes you could find a sum in your bill that is suggested by a restaurant as a tip. Whether accept it or not – it is up to you! Taxi: 10-15% of the cost of your ride. Hair-dresser: ?2.


England is a friendly territory for tourists and guests from other countries. You can find touristic information centers in all towns and places with any kind of touristic spots of interest – just search for a blue sign “I”. If you proceed traveling to other lands of the UK, don’t forget that Great Britain also consists of Scotchman, Irishman and Welshman. We wouldn’t recommend you to call them “Englishman”, unless you want to stay in cold relations thereafter.

Rent a car

You can get a car for rent just in the airport. Usually it would take you from ?18 to ?25, depending on the class of the car. Speed limit in London is 48 kilometers per hour (30 mph), in other territories – 64-97 kilometers per hour (40-60 mph). Use a safety pass. Nowadays there are lots of companies that offer rent-a-car services and their conditions are very different. Some of them have restrictions for those who are under 21 or even 25 years old and for those who are after 70 or 75 years old. Sometimes they require your driving license to be valid during nearest 12 months. But in any way to rent a car you need a credit card or a goodly sum of money as a deposit. And of course don’t forget that England is a country of left-hand traffic.


Booking a hotel, hostel or even apartment can be easily done just like booking a flight – in the Internet. There are lots of different accommodation-search services that usually offer pictures, descriptions and much useful information for a traveller. In England there is a wide range of places to stay – from an ancient castle turned into a hotel to a small-size guest house in the countryside with wooden rooms. In some places they could offer a huge feather bed… But in one way or another you will find a good and friendly service and reasonable price anywhere you decided to stay – simply it’s the hallmark of England.

England is perennial classic that rules the roost in many areas: from landscape design art to sports, from monarchs to night club DJs. Traditional and stylish, busy and jolly, prim and a little crazy – England can be very different. Tourists chose it for many reasons, not just for seeing popular spots, but also for learning English, going to musical concerts, being delighted by eye-catching nature landscapes and magnificent attractions... And what would be England for you?

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