Aquafelix Water Park
Rosa Luxemburg Memorial
Abdulhamit Medresesi
Oruculer Hamam
Herbert Street, Herbertstrasse
Berlin Wall Memorial
Hatice Sultan Palace
Old Museum


Any traveler asks himself "What can I do here?" every time arriving to an unknown town. Afterwards it should take some time to get all necessary guides and maps, to gather information about places of interest. Of course everybody wants to see not all but at least the most worthy things in the area. We created project for you to avoid the rush and loosing time while traveling to other countries. Here you can find the list of the most popular tourist attractions with their descriptions, pictures, videos and locus. Now it became much easier to plan your next trip and being on a vocation you wouldnít lose any significant site, museum, monument or any other landmark in a city.

One of specialties of this project is tourist places spots - they can be downloaded as a KML-file. You can import this file to GPS-navigator; use them in Google Earth and Google Maps, not losing time for marking spots one by one. All you need is to plan your rout through the most exciting attractions and get there according to your time limits.







What places are "must see" in a new town of your trip? Donít keep to tourist maps that contain just common touristic places, some of them are already spoiled by crowds of visitors. Try to explore the city from different sides and get to various places. They could be arranged into groups.

Historical places. They are witnesses if historical scenes that played an important role in development of a city, region or even a country. Here went the history and great decisions were accepted. If the place still has remains that came through the centuries, you would feel the spirit of history and importance of historical context of events.

Architectural heritage. Each town has its unique outline and style that has been growing during many centuries and architecture plays not the last role it this process. Find the most remarkable buildings in the area - no matter if they are old or brand new. Observe the styles in architecture; enjoy its beauty and cultural value.

Popular places. Museums, theatres, restaurants and markets - all these popular among tourists and natives places are definitely should be visited to create a full impression of the city and to give you unforgettable memories. And donít lose your chance to get acquainted with life and customs of native people of the country you are visiting.

Use a rented car to move around the country while traveling. Not all proposed models will be reliable and require careful inspection. Take into account information about the years to avoid Chrysler Town & Country or other family cars, because a technical malfunction can catch you in the most unexpected place. When choosing, also consider fuel consumption and general condition.

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