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Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is an old German city with 1000-years history. Nowadays it has a special federal land status along with Berlin and Bremen. With population of 1,8 million people it is the 2nd big city in Germany and the 6th in the whole EU. It is a huge metropolis with beautiful architecture landmarks, universities, theatres, parks and exhibition centers.

So whatís to see in Hamburg? In one of the most visited cities of Germany you will find more than 30 theatres, about 50 state and private museums, 6 music-halls and 10 cabarets. In summertime it has a very pleasant weather which makes the city even more attractive for tourists.

Being in Hamburg it is probably impossible not to love water - river, port, lakes, sea - for sure it is a water paradise on earth! The best known landmark of this city is its port. It is in the list of ten biggest container ports in the world so when you think of Hamburg - you would think of its port first of all. Thus cruise-excursion in Hamburg Port is must-have on your trip. There are 20 tourist companies that offer wide range of excursions - so it would be easy to find the best one for you.

Another picturesque place to see in Hamburg is Alster Lake. It consists of two main parts and is surrounded with almost 7-kilometre foot-way. Inner and Outer Alter Lakes are very popular among tourists. Boat trips and boat excursions along Alster channels is a perfect way to see more of Hamburg places of interest. In summertime the lake is crowded with boats and in wintertime it turns to a huge ice-rink.

An extraordinary but very popular tourist attraction of Hamburg is a Fish Market in Altona District. In spite of its name it sells all kinds of things including fish of course. This bright noisy and crowded market sprang up in far 1703 and since then each Sunday from 5.30 till 9.00 am it is open for eager buyers, interested tourists and for everyone else. The most remarkable place here is Fish Auction Hall where you can find a cozy restaurant with live music.

As it was already mentioned there are plenty of different museums in Hamburg. Apart from classical and "serious" museums and art galleries the city can offer many small interesting museums and separate exhibitions dedicated to everyday culture, crafts, decorative-applied arts and so on. So if you are interested in such places to go, then add to your list and to your Hamburg map such spots like: Miniatur Wunderland with a tiny railway and maquette of the city; wax-figure museum Panoptikum with twins of famous and sometimes scandal public people; Puppets Museum of Falkenstein, Museum of Communication dedicated to history of communication lines; Museum of Spices; Museum of Labor, Museum of Water and even German Duty Museum.

Among others in the rating of top 10 Hamburg attractions you could place Hagenberg Zoo - the first in the world with open aviaries; one of the biggest in the world - Japanese Garden; St. Michaels Cathedral, huge and modern Planetarium.

You can reach all these places by your own, using smart Hamburg maps on this site - all important places are already marked there. Also you can join any of excursions that city touristic companies offer. All touristic information can be taken in touristic info points in the city, on the main railway station or in International airport. Enjoy variety of beautiful buildings and picturesque landscapes of Hamburg and donít forget to capture your impressions that will stay with you your whole life.

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Places to visit in Hamburg

  • Alster Lake
  • Altstadter Hof
  • Beatles Square Monument
  • Bergedorf Windmill
  • Bieberhaus
  • Brooks Bridge
  • Castle Hill Ronneburg
  • Cathedral Square of Hammaburg
  • Chilehaus
  • Concentration Camp Memorial
  • Elbe Philharmonic Culture Cafe
  • Emporio
  • Fish Auction Hall
  • Fish Market
  • Fisherman's Wharf of Altona
  • Former Air Defense Tower
  • Former Maritime School
  • German Duty Museum
  • Gotenhof
  • Herbert Street, Herbertstrasse
  • Huhnerposten
  • Hulbe House
  • Japanese Garden
  • Kaiserkeller Night Club
  • Kontorhaus Stubbenhuk
  • Lotsenstation Seemannshoft
  • Messberghof
  • Miniature Wonderland
  • Monckeberg Fountain
  • Museum of Communication
  • Museum of Labor
  • Museum of Water
  • Old Air Defense Tower
  • Old Water Tower Rothenburgsort
  • Othmarschen Station
  • Panoptikum
  • Planetarium
  • Port of Hamburg
  • Puppets Museum
  • Rosenhof
  • Slomanhaus
  • Speicherstadt
  • Spicy's Museum
  • Sprinkenhof
  • St. Jacobi Church
  • St. Michaelis Church
  • St. Pauli Landing Stages
  • Tax Office Hamburg-Hansa
  • Tierpark Hagenbeck
  • Town Hall

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