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Rome is an Eternal City, a real treasury of world culture and a center of spiritual life of catholic world. They say all roads lead to Rome - and not in vain – about 9 million tourists from the four corners of the earth come here each year to open and explore this legendary place.

Rome is a capital of Italy, provincial capital of Rome and Latium, situated on the river Tiber. It was founded in far 753 BC by Romulus and Remus and in 510 BC it became a republic. In the 4th century AD it turned into a capital of Christian world and its duke became Pope or the Patriarch of Rome. From the 5th till the 8th centuries due to the breakup of Empire into east and west and aggression of Visigoths Rome experienced despondency. But finally from the 8th century things changed and over time the city attains its might and potency. At that period Holy Roman Empire was proclaimed. In the 15th century Rome turns up as the main center of renaissance’s dawn and a heart of European cultural life. In 1870 after uniting of Italy Rome becomes its capital.

You would always be able to find things to do in Rome – walk a thoughtful pensive city dropping by to multitudinous shops and stores or just wander peacefully along its narrow streets, meeting numerous landmarks and tourist attractions. There are too many places of interest in the city, probably Rome itself is a huge entire place of interest. Here one can see Coliseum, monument of ancient Christianity St. Peter’s Basilica, Bernini and Trevi fountains, the Roman Pantheon, Forum, Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s masterpieces and many other incredible Rome attractions. Some of them have already become famous all over the world and their names speak for themselves. The most worthy of them you can find on pages of and it is up to you which ones will be added to your travel-routes.

Also in Rome you could have a chance to see the smallest independent state in the world – Vatican City State. The length of its boarders is 3,5 km and they are guarded by Swiss armed forces. Lots of Rome churches and big cathedrals were created thousands years ago; they still keep precious relics and are centers of traditional religious pilgrimage.

Rome is rich on architectural landmarks – along its history it acquired many majestic and imperial buildings, monuments, arks, mausoleums and castles. It is also famous by its squares, fountains and obelisks. They are truly considered as world masterpieces of sculpture and architecture. Their diversity and soleness have brought eternal glory to Eternal City.

Except of world-wide famous landmarks, Rome can entertain its tourists with many things - shopping in modern boutiques, exploring a huge sub-way, having a dinner in a luxury restaurant or in a small cozy caf?. You would be pleasantly surprised with an excellent service and a nice stuff in Rome hotels. Cultural life of Italian capital could satisfy the most sophisticated public – it is known for lots of dramatic theatres, opera and ballet houses, several huge concert and exhibition halls. Rome is also famous by a wonderful Olympic Stadium, open each month for football championships and other sports. Football for Italians is like spaghetti for dinner. So as you see famous Italian motto “bread and circuses!” is still working in Rome.

Touristic vocation to Rome could be very exciting for any traveler – everybody could find his personal unique distinction. For lovers of museums for instance it is paradise here – don’t miss National Roman Museum, Villa Giulia National Museum, Capitoline Museums, Borghese Gallery etc. Among Rome children attractions Children’s Museum is worth mentioning – kids experience surrounding world playing. Another fun thing to do in Rome for children and their parents – is famous water park Aquafelix. Along with Hydromania, AquaPiper and Zoomarine they are in the list of most joyful and beautiful aqua parks in Italy. Time Elevator is a small cinema, situated not far from Pantheon, ready to show an amusive movie on ancient Rome’s history – don’t miss this time travel in the heart of Italy.

Rome is a beautiful city on seven hills that attracts millions of tourists by its famous landmarks, magical atmosphere - ancient but modern in the same time. Amusing excursions on world culture heritage can’t leave anyone indifferent. Rome – is a mystery, museum under an open sky, entwinement of times, people’s destinies, countries and civilizations. All these have left a trace on a beautiful face of the Eternal City.

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Places to visit in Rome

  • Agonal Obelisk
  • Ancient River Port
  • Apostolic Library
  • Appian Way
  • Appio Claudio Park
  • Aquafelix Water Park
  • AquaPiper Water Park
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Archeological Park of Villa Gordiani
  • Area of Sant'Omobono
  • Basilica Hilariana
  • Basilica of Santa Sabina
  • Basilica of St. Valentine
  • Basilica Ulpia
  • Borghese Gallery
  • Capitoline Museums
  • Catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria Antiqua
  • Children's Museum
  • Church of Santa Maria in Aquiro
  • Circus of Maxentius
  • Colosseum
  • Domus Aurea, Outer Structures
  • Flaminio Obelisk
  • Former Garage San Paolo
  • Forum of Caesar
  • Forum of Trajan
  • Fountain of the Four Rivers
  • Grottarossa Archaeological Site
  • House of Augustus
  • House of the Vestals
  • Hydromania Water Park
  • Largo di Torre Argentina
  • Leonine Walls
  • Ludus Magnus
  • Monte Testaccio
  • National Etruscan Museum
  • National Roman Museum
  • Obelisk Sallustiano
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Palace of Domitian
  • Palazzo della Civilta Italiana
  • Pantheon
  • Pons Aemilius
  • Porta del Popolo
  • Porticus Aemilia
  • Quirinale Obelisk
  • Remains of Gardens of Sallust
  • Remains of the First Temple of Minerva
  • Santa Croce in Gerusalemme
  • Scala Sancta
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Anastasia Church
  • St. Charles Palace
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Tabularium
  • Terme di Caracalla
  • Time Elevator
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Trigarium
  • Vatican City State
  • Victor Emmanuel II Bridge
  • Villa Albani
  • Villa De Sanctis
  • Villa dei Quintili
  • Villa dei Sette Bassi
  • Villa di Massenzio
  • Zoomarine Amusement Park

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