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Izmir is a thoroughly modern Turkish city, the third largest in the country, sprawled around its beautiful bay. But beneath the modern fa?ade lies a rich history. This is the ancient city of Smyrna, famed as the birthplace of Homer, fought over through the centuries by Greeks, Turks, Byzantines, Genoese, Ottomans, Crusaders and Arabs. Its known history dates from the 3rd millennium BC, but its rise to prominence began following its re-establishment by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC, when he build a fortress on top of Mount Pagus (Kadifekale). Under Greek and Roman rule the city prospered as one of the principal centers of Mediterranean trade.

Throughout its history Izmir has been repeatedly ravaged by fires and earthquakes. As a result most of the city you see today is relatively new and sophisticated, but there are still plenty of interesting sights of Izmir. Thanking to iTouristMaps.com you could find most of them and explore those you find the most interesting for yourself.

10 things to do in Izmir

1. Take a sea-tour at one of eight piers of the harbor. There are plenty of them to choose and from the sea you will be able to take a different outlook on famous Izmir tourist attractions.

2. Feel the beating of the heart of Izmir cultural center- South-West of Konak Square you can find the State Opera and Ballet, Ataturk Cultural Center, all interesting museums and many other places to go.

3. Visit SaatKulesi Tower - a symbol of the city and check an ancient clock mechanism - a gift of Kaiser Wilhelm the Second, which is for more than 100 years on its duty.

4. Marvel a great collection of ancientry in the exhibition of Archeological Museum.

5. Use a 100-years old elevator from Mithatpasa to HalilRifatPasa Street. Brickwork tower which hosts the elevator has a restaurant on the top - with a picturesque view of Izmir.

6. Visit an Ethnographical Museum. You can find an interior of an ancient Ottoman house on its ground floor.

7. Walk through rows of an old and huge market (bazaar) of Kemeralti, searching for fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets, hand-painted ceramics, and souvenirs.

8. Get to one of the highest spots of Izmir - green hill Kadifecale. From its top one can have the greatest view on the city and its bay. Hereby are the ruins of fortifications dated the 4th century BC.

9. Go to Ataturk Museum (canít ignore Father of Turks!), which has much useful information and some personal things of the first president.

10. See an exhibition of modern Turkish art in Museum and an Art Gallery of SelcukYasar, which is located in a luxurious palace of the 19th century.

All these visitor attractions would be easy to find using Izmir maps of this site. And donít forget about nature - Izmir National park is a perfect place whether if you are alone, with friends, family or children. You can find your way to this place of interest with our map either.

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Places to visit in Izmir

  • Ancient Roman Road
  • Ancient Roman Theater
  • Ancient Stadium
  • Archaeology Museum
  • Ataturk Cultural Center
  • Ataturk House Museum
  • Clock Tower
  • Dimostanis Baltaci Malikhanesi
  • Ethnography Museum
  • Historical Elevator
  • International College
  • Karsiyaka Historical Station Building
  • Kemeralti Bazaar
  • Kizlaragasi Hani
  • Kordeleon Ancient City
  • Mektupcu Konagi
  • Old Smyrna (Tepekule)
  • Old Synagogue
  • Old Water Factory
  • Sancakkale
  • Selcuk Yasar Art Gallery
  • Smyrna Meydani
  • State Opera and Ballet
  • Sunflower Kindergarten
  • Temple of Athena

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