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This is one of the most famous highlights of the great city of Munich! Like Olympiastadion in Berlin this one is very huge and it makes Munich citizens (especially if they are football lovers) very proud. It should be mentioned that built in 2005, this is one of few stadiums in the world that change their color from the outside. And without any doubts, it looks very futuristic on desert landscapes of Munich suburbs. This giant can hold a little more than 75 thousand people on a single game. But it is not necessary to go to a game if you want to explore Allianz Arena. You can get on an excursion that is carried for several times a day – book it online or catch when you are there. Just don’t forget – the stadium is situated on the city edge, so it would take you some time to get there from the center.


Coordinates: 48.218775, 11.624753

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