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Located inside of a nice and wide Tiergarten Park Berlin Zoo is one of t the best places to go if you are with children! However if you donít have any with you, it is still a super place to spend time in! For true nature lovers we recommend to get a double ticket for both, Zoo and Aquarium, it would be cheaper than to buy separately. And yes, both Zoo and Aquarium are always beyond expectations! You wonít meet any animals living in improper conditions or suffering, everyone is well cared of, clean and happy. All zoo areas are located close one to another and also you will see animals really close to youÖ We could write here more and amuse you with interesting details of Zoological Garden, but you better go and see them by your own, as a picture paints a thousand words.

Homepage: http://www.zoo-berlin.de/

Coordinates: 52.508333, 13.3375

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