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London – is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Those who have been there at least once have surely left a part of their soul in this wonderful city. However London is not just a giant full of touristic attractions, it is also a cultural, political, religious and industrial center of the whole country. Many important national things are located there: parliament, State administration, legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government, lots of old and ancient churches, museums, galleries and theaters. Beside this London is rich on schools and specifically those where youth from all over the world could learn and improve their English.

London's History

London’s history starts about 2000 years ago when in 24 a.d. Roman ships came to the island coast. Under the leadership of Aulus Plautius troops have built a bridge across Thames. From that time Roman settlement Londinium became an important trade-center. However after break-down of Roman Empire it fell into disrepair – population became smaller and buildings got ruined. But it stayed nobody’s territory not for long, due to a good geographical location it was always a sweet pie for Vikings, Normans, Anglians and finally - Anglosaxons. Its middle-aged period started in 1066 when William the Conqueror became a crowned king of England. It was the beginning of London’s prosperity time as well. Thanking to king’s efforts, London became the biggest and richest town of the kingdom. And probably it would be fair to give the city same description nowadays too.

Attractions Map

Big London consists of City and 32 administrative areas around it: West-End, Bloomsbury, Chelsea, Westminster, Knotting-Hill, Soho and so on. Each is different with its own sights to see and things to do. Using smart iTouristMaps you could create a special rout – your personal London sightseeing map that will cover all London attractions in separate area, saving your time and money.

Even though the best way to get known famous touristic destinations is to walk around, you could save your energy and see many spots of interest getting on a bus or day-cruiser. Thames goes across the whole city so learn from kings and queens and take a boat from Westminster to Greenwich. From the river you will see St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and Docklands. Also it would be joyful to see everyday life of the city and some London’s famous places of interest from the second floor of a classical red bus – double-decker. Buses by the way is one of the most convenient ways of getting around the city. There are plenty of bus-routs that work at any time of the day and night in London. Tourists prefer rout ¹ 11 most of all, which goes from Liverpool Street to Fulham Broadway along a good dozen of landmarks. During such a ride you can see English bank, St. Paul’s Cathedral, House of Justice, “Savoy” Hotel, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. And all of these top London attractions for the price of a bus ticket!

Theatres, Museums and Galleries

In London there are 80 theatres and more than 30 museums, such as British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Natural History, The City Gallery, Museum of Transport in Covent-Garden, charming Museum of Toys, famous Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum,Courtauld Institute Art Gallery and many others. If you prefer extraordinary excursions – then – go to All Saintsstore situated on Regent Street. The room inside is decorated in industrial style and a rich collection of sewing machines and other equipment is exhibited there. Whether try on clothes or just walk and explore – it is up to you, in any way your visit to this place will cost you nothing. Another alternative to classical exhibitions and permanent galleries is Art Street Fitzrovia, situated not far from Regent's Park. It is very famous among fans of street graffiti art.

Places to Visit

The capital amazes its visitors by great variety of parks also. The most famous are Hyde-Park, Ridgeons Park with a wonderful zoo, Kew-Gardens with orangery, aquarium and “Butterfly House” and also St. James – the oldest park of the city. Except of parks there are many places for music lovers in London: Royal Opera House, lots of big and small theaters. You should definitely visit Hard-Rock Cafe, the one where Beatles, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Mick Jagger performed and stayed as visitors. “Club 100” – is the oldest and the most famous Jazz club in England.

It is no surprise that capital of Great Britain is visited by millions of tourists per year – it is truly full of attractive places. As you see we touched slightly a huge variety of tourist attractions that offers London to everyone who comes there. But to feel the soul of the city you have to go and see London sights by your own. Create your personal London street map and explore things that appeal to you most of all.

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Places to visit in London

  • 1 Prescot Street
  • Admiralty Arch
  • Aubrey House
  • Bow Church
  • Burgh House
  • Captain Cook's House
  • Centre Point
  • Charles Rowan House
  • Church of St. George in the East
  • Clock Mill
  • Commonwealth Institute
  • Croydon Canal
  • Cutler's Hall, Warwick Lane
  • Debenham House
  • Dollis Hill House
  • Former Brooklands Motor Race Circuit
  • Geffrye Museum
  • George Inn, Southwark
  • Grosvenor House
  • Hanwell Railway Station
  • Holly Village
  • Hop Exchange
  • Horse Guards Building
  • House Mill
  • Inverforth House
  • Mayflower
  • New Armouries
  • North Dulwich Railway Station
  • Old Battersea house
  • Old Chiswick Police Station
  • Paddington - Fourth Span
  • Penge East Railway Station
  • Queen's House
  • Royal Exchange
  • Royal Festival Hall
  • Shell Mex House
  • St Mark's Church, Noel Park
  • St Stephen's Church, Rosslyn Hill
  • Temple Bar
  • Time Ball
  • Tower of London
  • Walsham-How Mission Hall
  • War Memorial
  • Whitehall Road
  • Winchester Palace

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